Recent Finds

Moisture stain / evidence of leaks

Collapsed duct-work

Double tapped neutral wire

Siding of the home in contact with the ground

Vertical crack in the brick just below the window

Tree branches overhanging on the roof

More than one wire connected to a neutral bus bar. When there are loose connections in your main panel from a double tapped neutral like this, they can cause overheating or arcing, which could lead to shock, and/or an electrical fire

Brick showing signs of cracking, which could allow moisture intrusion or indicate settlement movement

Brick showing signs of cracking, which could allow moisture intrusion or indicate settlement movement

Accumulation of debris in gutters, which can lead to overflow and damage to the surrounding components from improper drainage

There was no insulation on the attic access door or did not appear rated for the unconditioned space usage

The chimney is sealed off. If a fire was started in the fireplace without proper ventilation, this could pose a safety hazard

This is a deck bolted to the side of an I-Joist without any blocking. The bold can easily pull through the side of the I-Joist and potentially cause the deck to fail or collapse

Single strand aluminum wiring has been discontinued in 1974 due to a documented fire hazard

The water heater supply lines were not insulated in an unconditioned space

The furnace is installed in a conditioned space and does not have an intake line for combustion air. This can pose a safety hazard

Rotting balusters on an outdoor deck

A rusted chimney chase cover

Damaged dryer vent that is now exiting into a crawlspace

Driveway that has formed a settlement crack

During an inspection, I inspect and remove the panel box cover to ensure proper functionality

I test garage doors, and this one was unable to auto reverse

Loose guardrail on indoor steps

The garbage disposal under the kitchen sink was leaking

Having loose bricks on steps like these can lead to a safety hazard

Outdoor brick steps have already begun to deteriorate

A leaking plumbing shower pan drain

A fuse box with evidence of over-fusing and arcing

Uneven risers which can lead to a trip and safety hazard

Visible are substitute beam posts with the use of cinder block. The cinder block is turned on its side which makes it weak and unstable

Separation of outdoor retaining wall visible by the large crack

An open junction box in a crawlspace

2x4s used as joist support

The guardrail is too low on this upper level deck

An uneven balance on the surface could lead to damage to the unit

Missing or damaged shingle tabs