About the Owner

Christian Ronketti is a Home Inspector in the Boone and surrounding areas of North Carolina. He is also a father, husband, and a grandfather to his 8 grandchildren! He has lived in North Carolina for 40 years by way of the United States Army. After his service, he worked in the construction field, even helping with a remodel of the USO Club Downtown. He is an outgoing individual who can strike a pleasant conversation with perfect strangers.

How did he get into Home Inspections? Christian has always liked all aspects of a building system and its components. He did remodeling jobs as a teen in his own home and has studied architecture, electrical, plumbing and mechanical engineering. He has seen many good repairs and many poor repairs that were not up to standard. He believes in service and wants to do the best job and discover the home defects before a client buys their next forever home.

He's been through the buying process and knows how important it is to have a thorough home inspection. The client is not just a dollar sign to him, but a unique human being who deserves his full attention. He has learned the importance of having your home inspected by a trusted inspector, and he hopes to be that person for you!